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***average level***

This product includes full modeling training, unwrapping, texturing, and 3D models of digital audio recorder + radio based on Ai reference.

You must have basic knowledge of this software to follow it correctly. (+12 hours)

Optimized Mid-poly
Displacement Modeling
Clean Quad Topology
Unwrapped in UDIMs workflow
2K Textures in PNG (8-16 bit)

Tutorial Overview:

This tutorial is focused on texturing in Substance Painter. the base model is created in Blender and exported with subdivision (level 2).
most of the details are added in the texturing process based on displacement modeling methods.
Textures are exported in Documents Channel presets.
+300 min Modeling in 9 Parts  (Blender)
Modeling: +300 min of the modeling process in blender software. Everything is clear and you can easily follow the modeling process.
+210 min Unwrapping Tutorial in 6 Part (Rizom UV)
Unpacking: +210 min unwrapping in Rizom UV. UVs are clean and tidy. Before starting the texturing process, it must have a proper UV and for this part we use RizomLab. For large objects, you should open your project with different techniques to avoid low-quality resolution after the texturing part! In this part, we use the Udim and overlap technique for this tutorial.
+240 min Texturing Tutorial in 6 Parts (Substance Painter)
Texture: +240 min Texturing in the Substance Painter. Now it's time to go to Substance Painter and start the texturing process. We start with the UV tiles option in the project and manage the material for the Udim method. In coloring materials with UV tiles, you can color and texture all the tiles together.

Software used in this pack:

Blender / Rizom UV / Substance Painter
Addons Used in Blender: Hardops
No narrated
Realtime tutorial
Screen Recording + Shortcuts display
No hidden objects
No plugins used
All objects in the scene are named
No cleaning up is necessary just drop your models into the scene and start rendering.
No special plugin is needed to open the scene.

The contents of this package include:

FBX (2015)
OBJ (Multi Format)
Blender 2.92
Textures Folder 2k in PNG (8-16 bit)

Mesh Properties:

vertices:  654.135
Edges:   1.302.986
Faces:    648.908
Triangles: 1.297.358

Hope you like it! Also, check out my other models, just click on my user name to see all galleries.

Enjoy the model, and leave feedback, please!

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(NOTE: the videos are not narrated, it's a screen recording with shortcuts display)

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Published about 1 month ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.5, 2.92
Render Engine Used Cycles
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License Editorial
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