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Simply Fast is a context based collection of shortcuts as well as some operators mainly useful for mesh editing and rigging. All shortcuts and tools can be found inside the N-Panel.

There is also a Popup panel triggered by pressing F1 or Mouse5 which will show up near the mouse cursor inside 3D View window. It has less functionality as all functions I know the Blender shortcut for are missing there.

Developed by Fargus Design in collaboration with Vjaceslav T.



While predominantly utilizing Blender for modeling hard surface objects, some interactions within the user interface prove time-consuming, detracting from the overall enjoyment of the experience. Frequently accessed properties are often buried inside tabs or panels, requiring a lot of effort to display the desired UI elements.

As an illustration, I prefer to quickly rename an object without having to search the outliner and without loosing focus of the currently visible material property window.

Simply Fast tries to remedy this by providing a limited number of tools and shortcuts.

This addon is built on bad personal habits and workflow experience developed over the years and may not align with everyone's preferences.

Full Introducing video 

Overview UI

Fast Material Assets for Blender's Asset Browser



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