Simple Stylized Tree Generator

by Yoan Agostini in Modifier Setups

Easy-to-use stylized tree generator

Making good looking stylized trees can take you a long time. Well, with this simple stylized tree generator that's not a problem anymore! The combination of geometry nodes, procedural textures and shading allows you to have the complete control over the look of the trees. This generator is suitable for anyone.

Note : The shading only works in Eevee for now but the rest works in both Eevee and Cycles.

This generator was made in Blender 3.6 and works with all the above versions. It hasn't been tested in versions below 3.6.

Shape the tree of your dreams

Create the tree of your dreams with an easy-to-use Geometry Nodes setup to create trees that fit your project perfectly. You can also adjust resolution from low poly to high poly effortlessly, and it generates automatic UVs so you can add your custom textures or procedural materials and also bake the textures.

This generator comes with the possibility to use procedural materials or add custom textures and it comes with 2 procedural materials (one for the leaves and one for the bark).


With a simple attribute you can control the resolution of your tree.

Also available in my bundle with the Stylized Rock Generator

Sales 10+
Published 6 months ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6
License Royalty Free
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