Shot Master

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I link camera to frame range, but when I use Set Frame Range, or Play Range, camera is not swtich on

When camera linked to shot, & user press play, shot-camera will not be active, if another camera is binded to market. To solve problem, delete markers. Markers in priority.

After Install Blender 4.0, I can`t activate addon

If you install Blender 4.0 & automatically copied settings from 3.6, please delete SHOT MASTER addon & install it again.

Make sure, that you update addon to version 1.1

Where SHOT MASTER located?

You can find SHOT MASTER panel in Properties area type > Output

Why does the 'Align Camera to View' function work incorrectly?

When you have multiple 3D viewports open, the function may not work correctly because it doesn't know which viewport you're requesting orientation for. Please keep only one 3D view window open.

What will happen if there is a camera attached to shot K, and in the same shot, there is a marker to which another camera is attached?

Markers take priority. The camera attached to the shot will be ignored

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Blender Version 4.0, 3.6
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