Shipyard Strikes Back

by gr8effect in Models

For those using Blender since it's early days (at around 2.4x) Shipyard was and still is one of the greatest kit bashing collections ever put together. (may be one of the first too)

The original is a work of greyoxide and it's been one of my favorite .blend files for a very long time now. I've used Shipyard for my daily art over at:

You can download the latest (original, old-ish) Shipyard V.0.7 file over at Blendswap:

It still is a fantastic file but I'm afraid most Blender users aren't even aware that such a gem exists. My goal is to bring it back to the forefront and make people notice (and use of course) once more.

Haven't done much, objects are cleaned whenever necessary, I've done some fixes, and added simple (placeholder) materials.

All the parts are on one a single collection, making it easy to edit, pick, combine, and append at will. This file, just like the original, is shared as a public domain (CC ZERO) one.

I've also put together a cool space scene using the Shipyard parts. The scene is included and also shared as a public domain file. Feel free to render, edit, and use as you please.

If you want to thank someone you should probably thank greyoxide first for putting the original Shipyard file together. If you want to support me, please check my other Blendermarket products.

I would love to see your creations with it, feel free to share, distribute, and comment here. Since the file is a public domain one, I won't be offering support for it. Shipyard SB is served as is.

Three of the images used for this image gallery are from my blog, using Shipyard and not included in the file. The scene included uses a NASA Mars image.

Please take a look before using it for commercial purposes, or use your own planet texture/ material:

If you want to see or use the rendered video (of the scene shared with Shipyard) feel free to download it from Pixabay:

My instagram:


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Published 11 months ago
Blender Version 3.4, 3.5
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
License Creative Commons
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