Shc Modern Apartments Complete Asset Pack

by SHcreations in Models

NOTE: this product only works with blender 2.8. the version of blender this apartment is developed with, is added to the files. (the latest version of blender 2.8 might contain a problem with the alpha textures of the trees and the vibrant colors of the renders)

This product contains two asset packs and a fully rendered and furnitured apartment building.

Every asset (exept for the bonus cars in the garage) are uniquely designed for this product.

the two asset packs are a furniture and constructive assets pack. these packs are developed while designing and furnishing the apartment building. this way all sizes, level of detail and materials fit together

The apartment building contains of 2 penthouses 5 apartments (all with unique layout), roof swimming pool, supermarket/convenience store, coffeestore/cafe, outdoor terrace, tall atrium, park/square, underground parking garage, elevator, stairs from basement to top floor.


The main building is completely set up for eevee renders. 

  • -Global illumination and reflections are baked into probes (so every new object in the scene will adapt the correct lighting and reflections) 
  • -Ambient occlusion with material bounces/light directions. 
  • -Screen space reflections that mix with the baked probe reflections. 
  • -Screen space refractions. -Volumetric lighting -HDRI -Bloom


The file that is used to create animations is also added to the files: 

  • -Easier to render glass (without screen space reflections) 
  • -Animated camera -Automated exposure -Animated doors 
  • -Animated elevator (4K animations are made using the viewport render function)


(verts/poly counts based on quad meshes in the blender file) apartment building info: -number of objects: 3332 -total verts: 8,721,377 -total poly: 8,964,991 quads / 16,258,030 tris

furniture assets info: -number of objects: 291 -total verts: 555,709 -total poly: 549,552 quads / 1,099,104 tris

constructive assets info: -number of objects: 92 -total verts: 41,123 -total poly: 40,255 quads / 73,805 tris