Shaderworks - Glass

by Jim Morren in Surfacing

What is ShaderWorks?

ShaderWorks is a series of expertly crafted shaders to improve and aid professional work and student projects alike, mostly making workarounds for features cycles is missing or lacking, giving you that pure sense of quality you want or need

What is so special about this glass then?

Well as we all know cycles glass shader is... alright... but far from perfect, this shader is crafted by yours truly to improve and add functionality and quality

A few of these are: 

  • Improves Surface Control
  • Improves Caustics
  • Improves Refraction
  • Adds Color Dispersion
  • Adds Color Absorption 

Oh wait, there is more: 

  • It's Fast (Yeah!)
  • Clear Caustics 
  • Full Control (and that without flooding you with a mountain of inputs)
  • Realistic Results


Caustics have always been lacking in Cycles, so I have spend weeks working to get the best results using a few tricks. This is not the first time someone has made fake caustics for cycles glass, but these have always been lacking in realism, so my aim with this shader was to make the most realistic glass AND caustic shader out there

IOR_Faster Unlike most fake caustics techniques this shader takes IOR in consideration, although not 100% 1:1 with the real world this is the closest you will getcaustic_stre Realism is nice, but sometimes you want that artistic control, well I got you covered, you can set any strength level for them sweet causticsAttenuation Attenuation (also commonly known as 'Absorption') is super fast, looks pretty, again it effects the caustics realistically and the rest is pretty self-explanatorydispersion The majorities favorite; dispersion, from camera lenses to diamonds or just weird glass types and yet again it effects caustics in the realistic fashionroundandround (to demonstrate the caustics are present at low samples [it's at 50 samples])


But why buy this shader over other shaders on the market?

This Shader is designed to look like the real deal, and if the above hasn't convinced you of that yet, I can assure you that you will not find (at the point of writing this) any shader as realistic as this one on for Cycles

Should I buy this or wait for the full ShaderWorks pack?

With Blender Market 2.0 having a discount feature,  I will give discounts for owners of this ShaderWorks product from time to time to get their hands on the ShaderWorks pack

Recent changes:

  • This Product Replaces "Improved Glass Shader"
  • Added Cool .gif's
  • Added More Documention



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Published almost 10 years ago
Blender Version 2.6x, 2.7x
License Creative Commons
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