Shaders Plus V0.9 - Procedural Materials & Weathering

by Keene Materials in Surfacing

(Please refer the videos linked in documentation for information on how to use the product.)

Rock Update V0.92 is live! See details below.

What is Shaders Plus?

Shaders Plus is fully procedural material and mask pack for Blender's cycles engine. The pack contains a variety of procedural materials with  many options that let you customize texture scales, colors, strengths, and other options. Thanks to its fully procedural design, there is no need to give your model UVs. The powerful masking system allows you to take two different materials and mix them together using a customizable group node. The .gif below is a prime example of what this mask system can do. The same mask is explained in the linked video above which should show you everything you need to know about the rust mask.


What is currently in this pack?

There are currently 16 node groups for fully procedural materials and 3 different masks for a total of 19 group nodes.


Material Node Groups

  • Baked Enamel Paint
  • Formica
  • Glittery Vinyl
  • Latex Painted Wood
  • Linoleum Flooring
  • Rust
  • Scratched Metal
  • Treated Wood
  • Boulder
  • Obsidian
  • Polished Stone
  • River Rock
  • Lava
  • Metal Paint
  • Fabric
  • Dirty Chrome

Mask Node Groups

  • Dust/Smudge Mask
  • Fine Scratches Mask
  • Rust Mask


What makes the mask system different from others?

I take great pride in giving my customers better control with their node groups. Instead of keeping every possible setting contained within the node group, I have given the mask special inputs that can be combined with external nodes for maximum flexibility. The external node system means you are not bound to the procedural textures inside the node group. The system takes advantage of plugging in external textures from geometry nodes or other black and white textures for increased control. These materials can used for more than what they were originally designed for. The linoleum can be easily edited for cable wiring. The rust material can be edited quickly to become a smooth stone or a rough rock material.

Will this pack be updated? Will the price increase?

After giving quite a few updates to the pack and sales slowing down, I feel that it is now time to create something new and exciting that can be used for more products than just Blender. That is why I will be developing a new special pack of Substances for Substance Painter. These substances can be used to paint your models in Substance Painter and then exported into Blender or many other programs.

Rock update V0.9 is here!

Changelog below


The cover photo above has been changed to show the 5 new materials. Here is a demo picture showing the lava material and obsidian material at work. Here is a video that shows the creation process of this scene's materials:


Dragon Skull 8 bit


Customer Satisfaction

Are you upset with your purchase? Do you feel as though I did give what I advertised? Perhaps you found an issue with one of the nodes? Please let me know! Customer satisfaction is of top priority to me!


  • Added metal paint
  • Added fabric and fabric shader object
  • Added dirty chrome
  • Other small tweaks


  • Overhauled scene setup for better lighting.
  • Added new shader totem setup for rocks.
  • Various other changes to scene which is covered in V0.9 overview video.
  • Added normal input for shaders.
  • Added IOR for Baked Enamel Paint.
  • Added 5 new materials: Boulder, Obsidian, Polished Stone, River Rock, and Lava.


  • Released with 8 material nodes and 3 mask nodes.
  • Awaiting feedback for future updates.


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Published almost 8 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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