Shader Pack Architectural Visualisation - Vol. 1

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Shader Pack for architectural Visualisation - Vol.1

This Shader Pack for Blender Cycles contains nine high quality, photrealistic Materials, especially for the use in architectural renderings. All Materials are organised in clean and easy to use Shader nodes, with all important Values at hand. For the Texture based Materials, all Textures are included and  4096x4096 in size, seamless tileable.

Along with the Shader Pack comes a free Bonus Pack of  the Wine Glas and Bottle Scene which you can find in the Presentation Images.

This free Model comes with a free General Fluid Shader !   Also you will find a full documentation as a 8 Page PDF, which also contains some useful Tipps to speed up you Render Times using the Shader Pack. The given Materials are: Basic Plastic: Fresnel Material with realistic look, useful for toys, Kitchen Ware and electronic devices Metal Silver: Noble looking Silver for cutlery, jewlery of accessoirs Metal Chrome: Shiny high reflective Fresnel Surface for all kinds of application (faucets, furniture applications, but cutlery also) Dispersion Glas: Physically correct Glas with the capability to show the Dispersion Effect. This effect has a Weight Value which you can turn from Zero to One. For close up Renders you will ge ta physically accurate Image, but for large scale Renders the Effect can be turned of (for the sake of Render time). Ceramic: Photorealistic Ceramic Shader with Subsurface Scattering Effect for best results. Usefull for all Sanitary applications. Vintage Leather: Slighty worn, yet noble looking Leather for all kinds of Funiture, Jackets or Bags Light Brown Leather: Nice looking Leather for all kinds of Funiture, Jackets, Shoes or Bags Basic Wood: Universal Wood Shader for all kinds of Wood. Example Texture of dark Oak Wood is given with this shader. Cork: A realistic looking Cork Shader for all kinds of application

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Since 2017 does no longer support paypal payments. If you however would like to purchase this product via paypal,  just send me a message here or at, containing your billing adress and the names of the products you want to purchase; after that, you will receive a download link and a paypal email invoice.

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Blender Version 2.7x
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