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Select By expands the basic selection tools of Blender 3D, enabling the user to save selection, select by polycount, and more. 

New Feature 1.0.2
Find Copy - Select the object in the viewport then Select By Menu > Find Copy, this will find and select all items in the scene with the same name.

Store Selection: Store the selected objects which can be recalled using the Restore Selection 

Restore Selection: Restores the Stored objects 

Select Mesh By - Polygons, Vertices or Edges

Select Mesh Objects by, gives you the ability to select mesh objects in the active scene 

with several parameters for example select objects with less than 10 vertices, greater than or equal 

This tool is ideal if you know the polycount of an object and have several objects in the scene.

Select > Select By Menu

  • Same PolyCount
  • Select objects in the scene with the same polygon count as the Active (selected) object.
  • Scale Larger than 1 
  • Select objects with a scale larger than 1 
  • Negative Scale 
  • Select objects that have a negative scale on any property of the X,Y or Z transform 
  • Select Negative on X, Y or Z Location 
  • Select all objects in the scene that have a negative X, Y or Z Location.
  • No Material Slots
  • Select objects that have no material slots attached 
  • Has Material Slots
  • Select objects that have materials applied 
  • Object Modifiers 
  • Select objects that have modifiers enabled
  • Disable Selected in Render
  • Disable objects selected in the Render Engine 
  • Enable Selected in Render 
  • Enable selected object in the Render Engine 
  • Lock Transform LRS 
  • Lock the Location, Rotation, and Scale on selected objects
  • Unlock Transform LRS 
  • Unlock selected objects Location, Rotation, and Scale 
  • Print Mesh Data
  • Print all objects "including deleted data blocks that are still in the blend file" polycount, vertices, and edges.

Any questions or additional requests, please send me a message.

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