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Only support Windows Operating System. Linux and MacOS are not supported. 不支持中文操作系统.

Need to install stable-diffusion-webui at first! URL:

Also need to install ControlNet in stable-diffusion-webui!

Supports 3 ControlNet units/Lora/Interrogate/ADetailer in Blender


Villa rendering

Fully automatic and easy to use no need learning complicated comfyui nodes, SDwebuitools can add AI image by using Blender compositing depth rendering image to any scene in Blender by below two steps, no need to leave Blender for the whole process, it will use two controlnets in Stable Diffusion -- depth+canny:

1. Compositing Render: Using Compositing to render depth image for controlnet depth input image, and render result as canny input image.

2. Link material to objects: It uses Project from View to share materials across selected objects through, which allows to create UV maps for 3D models based on a specific camera view. This method projects the 3D model's geometry onto a 2D plane as seen from the current camera or viewport view.

3. link material by below types: all objects/selected collection/selected objects/selected armature.

SDWebuiTools including below key features:

1. txt2img

2. img2img: Only supports img2img and inpainting functions.

3. Extras: It offers various tools for modifying and enhancing images. 

4. ControlNet: Supports 3 controlnet units at maximum.

5. interrogate CLIP/DeepBooru

6. Add/Remove lora and weight

7. ADetailer: ADetailer is automatically detected on Blender addon interface when adetailer is installed in stable-diffusion-webui.

8. Workflows configuration: Save/Load/Remove workflows.

Published about 1 month ago
Blender Version 4.1
License Mit
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