Scifi Low Poly Cartoon

by mohmano95 in Models

Scifi City It is a simple city that represents science fiction in a clertonian way, as it contains many details

*Features *

-You can easily modify the city and enlarge its size and positions, because it was designed for that purpose and has consistent dimensions -All models are named and we only put one texture for all models You can use

** Buildings**

Bakery,Barber Shop,Candy Shop,Cinema,Civil Protection,Clothing store,Coffe,Communication center,Electronic Shop,Factory,Fashion Butique,Food,Game Store,Gamegames Hall,Gym,Hospital,Hotel,House,liaison office,Museum,Office,Pharmacy,Pizza shop,Post Office,STADIUM FOOTBALL

** All Transport **

-Aumbilance,Bus,car,Taxi car , Police car , Cargo Car,Suv car, Classic Cars,Cargo Car,Sport Cars,Motorcycle,Truck. -Airplane,Helicopter -Boat

Assets Pack

Drone,Camera,Robot,Hd banner ,Roads,Bridje,Lampost,Phone,Lamp,Traffic Signal,Radar,Chairs,Trees, River, Grass.

Blender 3.2

Render Cycles Finally, contact us if you encounter any problem

format : fbx obj blender