Sci Fi plasma engines & exhausts

by 3Dmodelmonk in Models

Sci Fi plasma engines & exhausts to finally give life to your spaceships.

Have you always wanted to add awesome looking exhaust effects to your spaceship engines. Then this is for you. 

These exhausts are fully procedural volumetric shaders that you can customize and animate. 

As shown on the renders you can even render inside the exhaust plume, it looks magical. 

This can only be rendered in blender cycles. These exhaust shaders were not made for Eevee.

There is a file for blender version 2.79 & 2.8.

Sci Fi Hangar & engine meshes are included.  

Always wanted to have a sci fi hangar but was to lazy to model one. Then for you the hangar is included as well as well as the engine meshes, both you can use in any of your projects.

Happy blending.