Sci Fi Jet

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Enrich your space scene with a lightweight Sci Fi Jet 3D Model for gaming or other applications. Comes with externally visible low poly cockpit and pilot.

The entire model is made up of quad topology (approx. 3900 quad faces or 7800 tris). 

All PBR texture maps are provided along with the original Substance Painter files.  Textures maps are set at 4096x4096px for the main jet object and 2048x2048px for the pilot and cockpit.  Memory footprint in Unreal is at 1MB.

Supplied as an .fbx file for import into multiple applications and get bonus files in the complete bundle if you'd like to understand how it's made:

  • .blend of complete model with textures already loaded.
  • .blend file showing original modifiers and model composition.
  • Original Substance Painter project file containing the original textures for you to change.
  • A sample Unreal Project based on the UFO template, set up so that the fighter can be flown around the scene.

The model can be inspected on Sketchfab

The Pilot and Cockpit are also supplied:

If you have any issues or questions, don't hesitate to get in touch via my Blender Market store or contacting

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