Sci-Fi Greebles Collection I

by CRANEO_RIN in Models


The greeble is a detail added to a larger surface that gives it a more complex and visually interesting appearance. 

The object acquires an impression of relief and increased size. The added detail can be of a simple geometric shape (such as cylinders, cubes or rectangles) or represent mechanical parts.

Greebles are mainly used in the representation of fictional spacecraft or architectural elements in science fiction and the film industry.
This collection is carefully elaborated piece by piece from Boolean elements, optimizing its geometry and studying each one of its forms so that they are visually aesthetic and that together also create synergy in your compositions.

Each asset is sculpted from a quadrangular module of 60 x 60 units carefully designed to obtain aesthetic shapes and create more complex artifacts from their joint.
Ideal collection for kitbashing, create your unique pieces for sci-fi environments, thanks to at least one axis of symmetry these greebles are easy to combine with each other, you can spam them in an existing geometry and adjust its scale or you can combine them together randomly, obviously in both cases you will have to do a coarse cleaning work to avoid problems in the meshes.


      This product contains:

      • 100 Greebles Assets
      • Formats: BLEND, FBX, OBJ, DAE (COLLADA)
      • Materials: 2

      Update 09/18/2022
      The polygons were corrected, now the assets are in tris, so the geometry increased, thanks to this they are more stable for use in other software.
      Added two PBR materials in 4k quality applied in triplanar form. 

      See the 3D view of the models on my Sketchfab page.

      File version3.2.2- Final file weight 3.89 MB (Total Triangles 268.6K, Vertices 150.8K)

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      Published almost 2 years ago
      Blender Version 3.2
      Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
      Misc Data Textured
      License Creative Commons
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