Sci Fi Corridor - Modular

by Catalin Iliescu in Models

It is structured on Collections, fairly good organization.

All parts are easily movable, interchangeable.

Everything is kept in its initial form, objects are NOT joined. Most modifiers are not applied. 

No subdivisions where used. Everything is as low poly as possible. 

All materials are procedural and pretty basic.  

🌌 Explore New Dimensions with Our 3D Sci-Fi Corridor! 🌌

Embark on an interstellar journey through our meticulously crafted 3D Sci-Fi Corridor! Whether you’re a passionate gamer, a futuristic film creator, or a virtual reality enthusiast, this model offers an unparalleled experience.

🚀 Immersive Experience: Dive into a world of intricate designs, dynamic lighting, and ultra-realistic textures. Every detail is designed to transport you to new realms of science fiction and stimulate your creative mind.

🛠 User-Friendly: Easy to integrate and customize, this model is compatible with various platforms and applications. It’s designed to be versatile, ensuring a seamless experience for all users, regardless of technical background.

💡 Innovative Design: Our corridor goes beyond the ordinary, showcasing innovative design elements and unique aesthetics, capturing the essence of futuristic environments and alien architectures.

🎬 Versatile Application: Ideal for game development, film production, VR explorations, and any project where high-quality 3D environments are essential.

🌟 Empower Your Creations: Elevate your projects with our 3D Sci-Fi Corridor and bring your visions to life. Experience the future of 3D environments today!

Published 6 months ago
Blender Version 3.6
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
License Royalty Free
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