Sci-Fi Bulkhead Door

by yaschancool in Models

Sci-Fi Bulkhead Door med-poly model. The model is based on mesh normals instead of baked normals and can be rendered without having to worry about normal map syncing. It will render without artifacts using Cycles renderer.

The model has PBR metal-rough textures and mirrored, optimized UV coordinates to make most out of the texture space. Front and behind share same UV coordinates.

Texture resolution is 2048x2048. Albedo, Roughness, Normal, Metalness and Emissive maps are included. Weather texture set also has an alpha channel for the window area for transparency effect. Maps are packed in Unreal Engine 4 format and separated via nodes and plugged into Principled Shader.

Mostly quads. 374 tris and 3762 quads. No ngons, co-planar faces or isolated vertices.

The scene is render ready with area lights.

Sci-Fi Bulkhead doors is original concept design created by myself and not part of any existing Sci-Fi universe or franchise. The model was built and unwrapped using Blender and textured using Substance Designer and Substance Painter. Great care was taken to optimize the texture usage of the model and correct shading. The model was tested in Blender Cycles render engine, Marmoset Toolbag 3 and Unreal Engine 4.

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