Scenerunna - The Ultimate Camera, Lighting, And Prop Suite For Blender

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SceneRunna Documentation

Welcome to SceneRunna, the comprehensive Blender addon designed to accelerate your creative process. This documentation is aimed to guide you through the installation process and help you get started with SceneRunna.

Note: Check out our detailed Youtube Tutorial, it will get you up and running with our addon.

Installation Walkthrough with images:

  1. Download the Files:

    • Make sure you have downloaded and Import.rar.

  2. Install the Addon in Blender:

    • Open Blender, then go to Edit > Preferences.

    • In the Add-ons tab, click Install.

Find and select and click Install Add-on.

      • Once installed, locate SceneRunna in the add-ons list and activate it by checking its box.

      1. Import Files:

        • Unzip Import.rar.
        • You will see import and custom folders.
        • In Blender, locate SceneRunna and go to it's settings (in the add-ons list ), click the little triangle before the addons name so the options to choose the directories appear. and add these folders in the directories section.


      If you encounter any issues or have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

      Future Updates

      We have an exciting roadmap planned for SceneRunna, including features like gobos, auto exposure, a preview panel for custom animations, and many more professional lighting features. Plus, a search bar option for presets is on the way! Updates are free for everyone who has purchased our addon.


      Choosing SceneRunna means investing in an addon that grows with you. We're constantly updating and adding features based on user feedback. So, stay tuned for future updates that will make your Blender projects even more remarkable!

      Thank you for choosing SceneRunna, and happy blending!

      — The SceneSages Team

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