Sacred Node Custom

by GOUST3D in Modifier Setups

I'm new to Geometry Nodes -- and this is a small side project I work on/think about when I'm not supporting myself otherwise.

Use:  Sacred Node Custom allows you to create Geometric Shapes, Patterns, or Mandala like structures. 

TIP:  Duplicate, and Scale an empty Mesh Vert Object with the Geometry Node applied to it, and tweak the settings to create complex multi-ring structure.

TIP:  Use shift to slide the values slowly.

Any feedback or concerns can be sent to:

Thank you! :)

Similar Product(s): "Infiniterator"
(Can do what this can, I don't believe it has a multi-ring system in the same way this does, not sure)
Published about 1 month ago
Blender Version 4.1
License Creative Commons
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