Runner Character And Animation Files

by Ivane.jpg in Models

What's in this Asset?

The production files for the runner animation, camera tracked scene, animation, character blend and references used in the production of this animation.

Male character made in Blender

This is high quality male model with animation friendly topology. great for animations, films, etc.

What is included?

  • Rigged Character .blend
  • optional base mesh model used for this animation
  • Camera Tracked Scene
  • Parkour Animation Action in said scene for the character blend (library override)

Rigged with Riggify for Blender 3.5


  • Rigged with Rigify for Blender 3.5
  • Manually Weight Painted
  • Corrective Smoothing (Delta Mush)
  • Multiresolution details for muscle definition
  • Shapekey to turn on lips and nose detail to use as a base model

Note: detailed hand topology for realism and animation deforms, this example has no shape key applied

Polygon 48,265 polys (without subdiv)

applied decimate modifier for animatic proxy object:

Published 11 months ago
Blender Version 3.6
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Rigged, Animated, Low-High-Resolution
License Royalty Free
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