Real Fur

by Blender Easy in Modifier Setups

This tool allows you to quickly generate real time fur by painting vertex weights. The values of the vertex weight controls both the mask for the fur area and it's length and by using the values, you can gradually increase the scale. It uses different cards and textures based on the fur length. There is 10 different fur sizes in the textures and cards and each size has at least 4 variations. All of this cards are automatically placed in an smooth transition, using the vertex weight values.


To install that you just need to move the .blend file, or unzip this to the Assets Library folder of your choice,

After that, you must set the File Path for your Assets Library in the Blender Preferences window.

If you do everything correctly, your new assets will gonna be available on the Assets Browser window.

You can use hair lines from a Particle System to control the fur cards direction

You also have full control over the fur color, by painting it or controlling their colors using the shader editor.

You can bake the fur card instances to mesh to continue editing a to export to your favorite real time render engine.

Before you can export the mesh to your favorite real time rendering software, you can sculpt the generated hair cards to finish the shape of it.