Royal Crab - King Sebastian

by Existence in Models

Are you ready to venture into the vast, mysterious realm of creativity and imagination? Meet our latest creation - a fully ready-to-play realistic model – Crab Sebastian

Software supported:

  • Blender 3.0 and higher (Control IK Rig)
  • Cinema 4D R22 and higher (Control IK Rig)
  • Maya2023 (Bone Skin Rig)
  • 3DsMax 2022 (Bone Skin Rig)
  • Unity 2019 and higher
  • Unreal Engine 4.18 and higher (You can play to game on this model now!)


  • .blend
  • .C4D
  • .mb
  • .max
  • .unitypackage
  • .uproject
  • .3ds / .fbx / .obj / .stl


  • Full game ready model for Blender 3.0 and higher! (Rig, Animations, Render is ready to use) - Blender Demonstration
  • This product is compatible with the Built-in Render Pipeline, Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and HDRP tutorial switch RP
  • Fully equipped under blueprint control model of the Crab, ready to play, you can play with this model! (UE) - gameplay video
  • Fully rigged (project with attached rigs files 3DsMax, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D) - All rigs system demonstration
  • PBR material, 4k Textures


We're excited to present our newest product line of detailed, true-to-life marine beings - Detailed Oceanic Life. Introducing the first model of this product line named Royal crab - King Sebastian

You have never seen such a remarkable 3D digital piece of art! Our meticulously rigged King Sebastian comes with smooth animation, allowing you to bring this sea monster to life with realistic movements. It's not just a creature; it's a whole underwater adventure waiting to happen.

If you're seeking maximum realism, pay attention. Because this Royal Crab is like a total sea wonder that shows us the amazing wildlife of sea animals. With its awesome claws and that cool red rock look, it's like nature coming to life.

Picture beach raves and the beauty of the coastland when you show off this awesome crustacean creation. Whether you are into seafood, fish, the ocean, or just love hermit crabs, King Sebastian is an art piece that's loved by all.

If you are really nterested in giving your Halloween decor a distinctive twist, it's exactly what you need! King Sebastian, the Royal Lobster, can be the star of your spooky saltwater-stylized party, bringing a eerie yet enchanting atmosphere of the coral reef to it.

Technical Info:

  • Polycount: 54 770 Tris | 27 643 Points
  • Version Unity - 2019, 2021.3.18f1 ang higher support
  • Version UnrealEngine – 4.18 and higher support
  • Video&Photo preview render make in another software - background and other content except for the crab is not included in the asset
  • Hat and cane seen in the images are not included.

AnimationsPack consists of custom 30 animations:

  • attack_inplace (x3)
  • idle_inplace (x3)
  • jump_inplace (x1) - rootmotion (x1)
  • run_s_b_l_r_inplace (x4) - rootmotion (x4)
  • walk_s_b_l_r_inplace (x4) - rootmotion (x4)
  • turn_l_r_inplace (x2)
  • dodge_inplace (x1)
  • gethit_inplace (x1)
  • death_inplace (x2)

Successful development to you!


Renders in other software

Render Cycles in Blender

Published 6 months ago
Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
Render Engine Used cycles
Misc Data uvs-unwrapped, rigged, animated, low-high-resolution, normal-mapped, textured
License Royalty Free
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