Roman Shield (Scutum)

by Mark Kil in Models

What is this product?

It's a shield with my original design inspired by classic scutum roman shields. It's made in Blender 2.8 Beta using the Principled shader.

Why buying this product?

It's a high-quality model ready for uploading to the game-engines like UE4 or Unity. All the objects are joined and only one material is applied. It gives you a great flexibility for exporting the model to other applications and also boosted performance. The model is high-poly so you could easily reduce the number of polygons using Decimate modifier if you need. 

What is included?

Scene files (2.79 and 2.8 versions)

.FBX file 

Textures in .png format:

Base color (red and black versions)





Free HDRI from

Enjoy it!