Roes Petal Pack 1

by Jeremy Johnson in Models

Do the petals come already meshed?

Yes and no. The original diffuse, height and normal image files are all saved into individual folders, respective of their file names.
FOLDER: Rose Petal 1 includes;
Rose petal diffuse_1.png, Rose Petal normal_1.png and Rose Petal height_1.png

There's also a Petals_Blend+Pack.blend file included which has each texture mapped with all three effecting images applied to each (4x4 divided) mesh.
Each mesh is laid out flat, ready for you to pull to the desired shape.
These meshes can be used and duplicated directly in your model or you can hide them in a different layer or collection, then use and modify only the duplicates.
So yes, the Blend pack file has the images meshed, and no, the raw image files in individual folders are not meshed. You get both.