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by CanvasConnoisseur in Surfacing

Hello there my fellow creators, adventurers, and visionaries! Perhaps you're having trouble with setting up complex materials, struggling to breathe life into your digital worlds? I understand the frustration all too well...

But fear not, for you are not alone in your conquest to navigate the treacherous seas of shader nodes and texture maps, and as a fellow sailor in this boundless ocean. I possess something that might potentially offer you some assistance. After spending years practicing the art of methodically connecting magic boxes in the shader editor. I've created a collection of procedural materials designed to aid blender enthusiasts such as you, with your creative pursuits featuring environment art. 

Picture this: You're on the brink of a new project, your mind is brimming with ideas, but your tools just aren't cutting it. Specifically for nature scenes, you often need fine-grade assets that make your scene feel alive, imbuing it with the vibrant energy of the natural world. Be it swaying trees, majestic mountains, the delicate dance of the leaves in the breeze, the endless landscape stretching across miles, or something you find everywhere, such as Rocks!

But often, creating detailed rocks can be a tedious task. Consider the time spent modelling the base mesh, sculpting the details, and texture painting the model in exquisite shades, which might be an enjoyable process in itself! After all, the creative freedom of creating your own assets is unparalleled. But undoubtedly, it takes a considerable amount of time, which is the reason most artists prefer getting assets from online libraries. 

Here is where RockScapes helps you out, it replaces the arduous process of modeling, sculpting, and texturing with a few simple clicks. By offering you the versatility to enhance any simple mesh by simply applying the material, and transforming it into a remarkable piece of work in mere moments. 

Why use RockScapes?

But why prefer procedural materials over the countless production-ready assets already present online? 

Of course, they offer you the perks of infinite resolution, seamless tiling, and eliminate the need for UV mapping, but most of all, what truly sets them aglow is perhaps their capability to be customized according to your will.

Procedural texturing offers you the freedom to express your creativity without limitations. With this in mind, our primary aim in crafting these materials was to prioritize flexibility and customization. Blender's procedural texture nodes provide numerous adjustable parameters, granting you the power to tweak them to your heart's content. However, managing a multitude of parameters can be overwhelming. Therefore, we've streamlined the process by consolidating them into a single node group for each material, featuring 5-6 key parameters, which mainly allow you to edit the texture's color, roughness, and bump mapping making, in addition to being able to make significant alterations to the material's height-map, and by extension, the overall form of the rocks.

Despite this simplification, I've endeavored to retain the capability for substantial adjustments, ensuring that your creative freedom remains unhindered, by continuous refinements and experimentation, striving to make meaningful enhancements wherever possible. However, the ultimate evaluation rests with you—by integrating this collection of materials into your creations and tailoring them to suit your visions. Should you encounter any challenges along the way, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Technical Details

Upon making a purchase, this package will provide you with 5 .blend files, each containing a unique material. These files encompass the scene setups for the product imagery displayed above. Additionally, some files include an HDR from Polyhaven to enhance visualization of the material.   

Please note that the HDRs from Polyhaven are all licensed under Creative Commons Zero. I do not own rights to these assets, but I am permitted to redistribute and utilize them for commercial purposes. 

Current Material List
  • Mountain Rock (Great for small-scale cliff rock formations often found in mountains)
  • Cliff Rock (Created to be used for Slopes or cliffs)
  • Rugged Rock (Shines in creating rough and jagged rock formations)
  • Stratified Rock (Intended to replicate the natural layering found in sedimentary rocks)
  • Rocky terrain (Designed to generate rock-strewn landscapes)

The General principle is to simply Layer different Voronoi textures on top of each other using various mathematical operations along with some noise. Astonishingly, this straightforward approach often yields remarkably pleasing results. I hope you will enjoy experimenting with these materials :)  


For any additional queries, please feel free to contact me through Blender Market's Product Support! (The "Ask a Question" button to the right of this section), and I would be happy to assist you with any problems you have regarding these materials.

Your opinion and feedback truly matter a lot to me, as It will allow me to refine and enhance this assortment of textures where they lack potency. So please do leave a review if you have any suggestions on where I can make advancements, or if you may encounter any problems while using the materials.

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Published 5 months ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0
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