Rock Generator V1.2

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Generate Rock

After connecting the addon. In order to generate our first Rock. We need to open the side right panel to the button "N". There you will find a tab "RockGen". After selecting this tab, you need to click on the button "Add Rock". Several new Collections with assets will be created in the scene.

You can use the randomizer parameters tab for faster generation results. So are slower, finer generation settings in the other 4 tabs. You will find more detailed information about the parameters in the FAQ

Also your main Rock asset that will be generated is "Base". If you go into edit mode for this asset and turn on the grid display mode. You will see that this asset forms a cube inside. You can shape this cube as you wish, and you can also replace it inside editing with any other asset that you need in shape. If you stretch it, squeeze out some parts of the cube. After exiting edit mode, the generation form of your stone will automatically adjust to the new shape and size.

Create textures

     In the latest update I added a ready-made template Substance Painter for creating textures for you.

All you need to do:

  1. Generate Rock using an addon
  2. Create duplicate rock and apply the Remesh modifier to it. Create a denser mesh.
  3. Create for Rock with a lower mesh density uv. Use automatic “Smart UV Project”
  4. Bake textures: ao, curvature, normal, space normal, position, thickness
  5. Launch the template “RockGenerator_SPaint”
  6. Click “File>Import resources>Add resources”
  7. Select the added textures and change their preset to “textures”
  8. After that click “Import your resources to> project “RockGenerator_SPaint” and click button Import
  9. Then replace the Rock in the scene with yours. Click “Edit>Project configuration”
  10. Assign all textures to the corresponding slot in the tab “Texture Set Settings”.
  11. Click “File>Export Textures


Procedural Generation Demonstration:

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