Riva Aquarama Speedboat

by ddesign in Models

Faithful reproduction of the iconic speedboat Riva Aquarama, complete with interiors and logo

- High level of detail: all of the elements have been modeled, using geometry instead of textures even for small details such as bolts and screws. Close-ups have the same visual impact as long shots

- Correct topology: only quads and triangles (as few as possible, for example in cylinder caps)

- Photorealistic materials: dielectric materials use Principled shader with PBR setups; metals use a custom node setup for maximum realism

- Neat organizations: models are conveniently named (English) and organized into layers, everything is parented to an empty to allow easier global manipulation

-Complex render setup: HDRi system with neutral background and light setup with volumetric scatter (optional) set to increase realism


Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 5 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x, 2.77, 2.78, 2.79
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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