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Create animation books in a fast way!

Features overview:

  • Create rigged books of different thicknesses and page numbers.
  • Two cover types: hard cover and soft cover.
  • Each type contains multiple page presets (P for pages) :10P,20P,30P,40P,50P,60P,80P,100P。
  • No interleaving problems when turning pages.
  • Lots of parameters for customization:Cover's height, width, length.pages' bending shape, etc.
  • Easy to achieve uneven effect of the pages.
  • Simple and intuitive materials for cover and pages.
  • One click to batch replace all textures.
  • Can achieve edge roughness effect.
  • Cover and each page gets its own keyframes.Easy to adjust the flip animation. 
  • Convert the book's animation state into a static mesh.
  • 4 example book files are included.
  • Animation can  be exported as FBX to other 3D softwares(Unity,c4d,maya,max...) .Tutorial: https://youtu.be/Q0eA1I7yfqg
  • Can export obj sequence to c4d or E3D.


  • Addon supports creating books with a maximum of 100 pages, which means the most page number can go up to 200p.
  • If you need more pages like300,500,1000.......It may not fit your needs.




Two cover types: :hard cover and soft cover.

No interleaving of pages: no interleaving problems when turning pages.

Each cover type contains multiple page presets (P for pages) :10P,20P,30P,40P,50P,60P,80P,100P。

Parameters that can be customized:

Cover's height, width, length:

Cover thickness and the curvature of the spine:

Customize the pages' bending shape:

Uneven effect of the pages: adjust the page control's random strength can achieve the pages' uneven effect.

Arch control panel: Can adjust the relax strength of the pages on both sides in the opening state.

All materials of the book can be customized:Simple and intuitive.

Cover materials:Full controls for cover's front,spine,back,rim,inner materials.

Pages' materials:
Every page has its material,and every material gets two image nodes for the page's front side and back side.

Batch replace all textures with one click: Prepare your map and name it according to a specific rule,then you can batch replace all textures with one click.

One click to achieve the rough edge effect:
Can be used to make damaged pages, and provides a number of parameters, which can adjust the edge strength, width, roughness, details.

Cover and each page gets its own keyframes:
It is very convenient and intuitive to adjust the book's flip animation.

One click to turn the book's animation state into a static mesh:

(4 Example files are included)
Example01:Old Book



Example04:Company Porfolio

Online FAQ:



Some Question videos:

How to transform the book?

How to reduce the number of pages?

How to adjust Groove's UV and Shape?

How to bind a text object onto the front cover?

How to batch control the page materials' parameters?

How to texture the rim of the cover?

Export Book animation to other 3d softwares?

What this addon can not do now?

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