Rigged Leather Notepad/Notebook/Orginizer For Stunning Infographics

by Koppel Stepan in Modifier Setups

Rigged notebook-orginizer in a leather cover

Easy to use and visually appealing digital pad for writing any kind of infographics or use to tell handwritten stories primarily for video content.

The book is fully rigged, an easy page-by-page flipping solution, flip any number of pages to show information on a desired one.

  • Are you in search of an asset for creating of appealing and unique infographic for your YouTube channel?
  • Do you want to bring attention to your school or university project?
  • Or do you wish to have fun in Blender 3d and make some interesting messages using 3d software?
    You are in the right place! This asset will definitely make a great impact on the quality of your content!

Get youself prepared for using this asset, here is a tutorial for you: