Revell Sunseeker Predator 108 - Photorealistic

by ddesign in Models


Finding photorealistic watercraft models can be very difficult, since these are usually created by dedicated engineers or architects who focus on accuracy and measurements, overlooking the artistic subtleties and tricks that lead to photorealism

Since 2017 I am creating my own materials (and shaders) to bring Cycles to its limits and give physically accurate results. Adding to that years of experience in hard surface modeling, my goal is to create models that are hard to distinguish from the real thing

My goal with this model was to create something that was both precision modeled and realistic in appearance. I started with profiling the hull and the curves to match 1:1 the surfaces, then proceeded to model each single element using several different techniques, from polygonal to curve modeling, up to sculpting for couch pillows

Exterior details feature cleats, handles, vents, anchor hoists, etc...

Interior features cockpit, controls, screens, furniture and items such as book, magazine, glasses, vases etc... Every detail has been modeled and no "texture shortcuts" were used


Includes 50 physically-accurate materials - wood, plastic, various metals, fabric, glass, resin, formica etc... Each one carefully tuned for best realism, featuring extensive use of the principled BSDF and IOR curves mixed with procedural textures but even those ones who rely on images have some sort of procedural variety applied to them

Please do note that many materials were created from scratch to catch the uniqueness of the vehicle, others come from my physically-based collection (also for sale on the site) created over the years. Either way, they are all original creations

Topology consists only of quads, no use of booleans was made: consistency and cleanliness across all faces. I ensured that each mesh uses correct edgeflow and faces distribution to avoid artifacts 

This is a high poly model, however subdivision surface modifiers are not applied so you can lower drastically polycount if you need more rendering speed at the cost of accuracy (for animation or long shots)

Each mesh has been given a relevant english name and organized in collections

Render setup with photorealistic lighting and volumetric light is provided. World node group has two options: gradient background or HDRi

Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.8
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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