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RePrimitive is a Blender addon that allows you to tweak primitive shapes at any point in time.

The addon works despite the object location/rotation and it even works if they are applied.
All the modifiers will carry over if you had any(if they weren't applied that is).


Step 1: Download RePrimitive
Download from green button "Code" -> Download ZIP

DO NOT download from Releases manually, it is used for the addon updater.

Step 2: Install to Blender

Once you open Blender go to Edit->Preferences->Addons
Click Install and find the downloaded ZIP file, double click it

Step 3: Enable addon

Enable addon by ticking the checkbox.


Here you can set if you want to automatically check for updates and how often.

Show panel checkbox shows or hides the panel located in "N" menu on the right side.

Keybinds can be disabled or changed.


You can use the addon with keybinds, by default it's CTRL+ALT+A for tweaking primitives and CTRL+ALT+R to fix rotation.

If you don't like using keybinds there are two buttons inside RePrimitive panel on the side if you have it enabled.

RePrimitive main operator

Once you press the keybind or button for RePrimitive main operator you will get a popup window which allows you to change all the details.

Now you can either click OK or press on the side, both of these actions will show the same window but it will be locked in the bottom left.
If you wanted to get the window popup again you would just use the keybind/click the RePrimitive button again.

Fix applied rotation operator

To fix the primitive shape rotation all you have to do is select it and press the keybind/button from OBJECT mode.

The rotation could also be fixed from EDIT mode but make sure nothing is selected OR select the face/faces you would want to be on top yourself.

This was intended for complex shapes however, for primitive shapes I suggest you select nothing in EDIT mode or do it from OBJECT mode

In case of a monkey head or any other complex shape fixing rotation from object mode most likely will not work
Instead you have to go to edit mode and select the face or faces you would like to be on top.
You could also select the vert. But as I said, the plugin wasn't made to fix rotations, but rather enable you to change primitive object data at any point. In order to do that I had to find a way to fix the rotation if it was applied because calculating all the data wasn't possible.

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