Replace File Path

by Uzuta-uztusd in Addons

Replace File path

This add-on searches all loaded image paths for strings and replaces them with the specified string.

  • Listing of loaded images.
  • Search and rewrite all textures by the specified string.
  • You can also change the paths individually from the list.

It is useful for the following tasks

  • Rename multiple texture folders or names at once.
  • Check the paths of all the textures used.


 Perform replacements only on checked items.
 If the "Select" option is not checked, it will execute on all items.

Add condition

 Execute on paths containing the specified string.
 This string will not be replaced.

Update checker
 The right check mark will appear and the replaced items will light up.

Adjust list split position
 You can adjust the split position of image names and paths.

Reasons for add-on development

Due to instructions from upper management, we needed to migrate our existing 3D work to Blender.
In my job, I had to load the color specification table received from the color designer as textures and change the textures for each scene.
This was done for dozens of models...

With previous 3D tools, it was possible to replace paths from asset tracking, etc., but with Blender, there are no effective tools for this.
We spent days creating large amounts of data for the animators.

Then we developed this add-on, despite our exhaustion, and the days that had gone by came to naught.

Future Updates

Whenever there is an update to this add-on, the purchaser will get the latest version free of charge.

We would like to fulfill your requests as much as possible, but please understand that we cannot start development immediately.

May the job go faster and may you go home on time!

Change Log

ver 1.1.0

Added functionality.

  • Item Selection
  • Add non-replacement string condition
  • Add update checker
  • Adjust list split position
  • Split UI panel

ver 1.0.0


Initial release

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Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
License GPL
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