Rene, Full Cartoon Rig!

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RENE, Full Rigged Character

As you may know by now... I LOVE ANIMATION! And I would love to see more quality animations done with blender because I ALSO LOVE BLENDER!!! I believe a real animator can animate anything, even matches in stop motion and create something really cool, BUT if a good animator is given a COOL, APPEALING, AND WELL RIGGED CHARACTER, then he will do something that is AWESOME!!!! And that's the reason I'm so excited to introduce to you Rene! A ready to animate Cartoon style rig with professional controls. With Rene, you should be able to pose him in any humanly possible way and more. With the facial controls, you can create an unlimited set of emotions from happiness to anger and surprise! I really believe that you will have a lot of fun with Rene while giving him “the illusion of life”! Rene is the result of months of work, from designing the look to creating the model, the textures and the rig. So if you were to order a rig like that, it would cost thousands but since I want to see more animations done with Blender I tried to keep the price as reasonable as possible. If the response to Rene is positive, I will be happy to create other rigs with the same or even better quality!


  • Main scale control to adapt Rene to any scene
  • IKFK controls for the arms and legs
  • IKFK snap button
  • 3 bones system for the legs
  • breathing controls
  • Stretchy arms and legs
  • Secondary controls to bend the arms and legs
  • Secondary controls for the eyes
  • Secondary controls for the mouth
  • Rigged tongue and teeth
  • and more... ;)

    I tried to fix any bugs I found, but it's possible that they are still some. If so, I apologize and in that case, please, post a comment and I will try to fix them as soon as possible. Thank you for reading! I'm really looking forward to see what you are able to do with him! ;) Feel free to link your animations in the comments, and if I can, I will be happy to comment on them! Enjoy Blendanimation! Mathias. (By the way, if you need a professional rigger/animator for work, feel free to contact me!)

Update Log

1.1 - unwrapped the cloth - add the animation "double bounce" to the file so that you have access to an cycle animation of Rene
1.2 - created the group and tested linking multiple Rene into a new scene... it works! ;)
1.3 - just fixed some controls that were not at default position in the file.
1.4 - changed a rotation order for a setup.
1.7 - fixed the face control to import it in other files.
1.8 - fixed the normal for the bottom teeth

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Blender Version 2.7x, 2.79
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