Reflector Telescope With Equatorial Mount

by jarmyn in Models

Reflector Telescope with Equatorial Mount

Smarten up and add a little wonder to your Architectural and Outdoor Environmental Renders with this fully rigged, ready to pose Reflector Telescope.  Modelled and Rigged to look and move like the IRL (in real life) Telescope.

The Model, the Rig, and the Materials

The model is to scale and is ready to import into any scene... assuming the scene is also to scale. :D The Rig is self-explanatory with custom bone shapes to explain their movement.  All armature bones are constrained so you don't have to worry about the model moving in ways that it shouldn't.  It can be setup just like a real telescope. The Materials are all procedural with the exception of the graduated angle and rotation rings on the mount.  This texture is included.  Also, if blue is not your colour, there is a Hue adjust in the Armatures Custom Properties.