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RBDLab 1.5 MetalSoft is a revolutionary tool for Blender. From fracturing objects, destroying them and creating details with debris, dust and smoke, to deforming metal, creating cloth, softbodies... all using rigidbodies, allowing an interaction between different types of simulations never seen before in Blender.

RBDLab has been in development for over 2 years. It has become more than just an addon. It's essentially a complete simulation software within Blender.

You have a large number of tutorials on our YouTube channel and a comprehensive User Guide.

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Thank to RBDLab's tools, you will be able to create any type of fracture you desire quickly and in great detail. You can add intricate details to your fractures with the internal detailing tool.

RBD Simulation

You'll be able to create complex and realistic simulations. RBDLab offers a vast array of tools, including Debris, Dust, Smoke, and many others, allowing you to push your simulation to the highest level of realism.

MetalSoft Module

Deform Metal! Starting from RBDLab version 1.5, you can deform or shatter metal. It's a workflow never before seen in Blender, enabling incredibly realistic simulations of metal deformation or even breaking it!

Making Cloth with Rigidbodies

Create cloth simulations with Rigidbodies using SoftConstraints in RBDLab! You'll be able to create amazing cloth simulations that interact with rigidbodies. In Blender, it has never been possible to make a rigid body work together with a cloth simulation. Now, it's possible with RBDLab, and this opens incredible creative possibilities.

Softbodies with Rigidbodies

Create amazing soft body simulations with RBDLab. Just like the new constraints allow you to generate cloth simulations, they also enable you to create all kinds of soft body simulations.

Ropes, melting... your imagination is the limit!

Join the most powerful VFX and simulation project in Blender. All updates are free, and you'll also have access to our Discord channel with over 600 users who will help you with any questions you have.

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