Ragdoll Tools

by XBodya13 in Scripts and Addons

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  • Nick 12 days ago

    time saver !

  • Schonn-Pierre Hirst 4 months ago

    The documentation covers all aspects of Ragdoll Tools, I had no difficulty working out how to use this addon. Bohdan Diachenko has been very helpful and described in detail how Ragdoll Tools can be used to set up puppet controls for 'active ragdolls'.

  • Kay Aitken 5 months ago

    useful/timesaver :) as already mentioned docs/video demos could be more inviting

  • pumplerod 5 months ago

    Does not seem to operate as listed in the documentation. In fact after installing it I cannot find a way to use it at all. The documentation says to hit the space bar to bring up the pie menu, however all that does is start playing the animation.

    • Bohdan Diachenko 5 months ago

      Try to press F3 instead of spacebar.In Blender 2.8 default shortcut for operator search has been changed.

  • gabriel montagne over 1 year ago

    I've wanted something like this for a long long time! Rag-doll animations produce such a powerful effect, but are so hard to set up and control and tweak after they have been set up. With this addon it becomes possible to experiment and try different options in an iterative way.

    I would love if the documentation videos had an audio explanation of the principles to not have to reverse-engineer why the steps work.

    Love this addon. Thanks!

    • Bohdan Diachenko over 1 year ago

      Thanks for this appreciation, Gabriel.
      I plan to release better documentation videos with next update.

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