Quick Turnaround Camera Addons

by HuyKhoi2407 in Addons

How to install this add-ons?
First, please download the Zip file of this add-on. Then, open Blender, install it by clicking on Edit, PreferencesAdd-ons. Click 'install' and select the Zip file you just downloaded. Activate it, and this add-on will appear in the viewport sidebar (Press shortcut N to open viewport sidebar)

What does this addons do?

Every time you complete a model, the first thing you do is continue to spend time setting up the camera turnaround to render the presentation video. This is where my addons help you do it with just 1 click.

Main features of this addons:
  • Create turnaround camera with 1 click.
  • Easily adjust rotate speed and number of frames of animation duration.
  • Smoothly switch between objects and angles.
Will this addon be upgraded in the future?

This is the first version, so it may still have errors or inappropriate features. I will continue to update this addon in future versions. 

To avoid some common problems
  • If you want to change the target object, toggle out of the camera view, then press the Create Turnaround Camera button again.
  • Every time you change the parameter value, animation will not automatically update that parameter. So, please toggle out of the camera view, then press the Create Turnaround Camera button again.
  • These problems occur because my coding skill is still not perfect, so I will continue to find ways to fix it in the next versions.
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