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Update ver 0.4:

As you know you can also add empties with this add-on. Shortcut: shift-ctrl-e

In the old version, this wasn't working with armatures.

Now you can select bones in edit or pose mode, and the empty will be added.


Quick-Add will make your workflow for rigging and adding empties even quicker.

I think all of us have seen the rigging tutorials, where the tutor is telling you to do these steps:

1) select object -> TAB for edit mode -> select two faces

2) Shift-S -> Cursor to selected

3) go back in object mode, select armature

4) in edit mode select head of boneĀ 

5) Shift-S -> Selection to Cursor

With this add-on, you can forget steps 2-5.

Just select your object (or faces/edges/vertices) -> then just press the magic Shift-Alt-C Button and the bone will automatically position in the right place.

Demonstration video:


If you have any problems or questions, just send me a DM here, i will answer you quickly.

Dev Fund Contributor
Published 7 months ago
Blender Version 3.6, 3.5
License GPL
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