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QOL PenPal

QOL PenPal is a little Quality Of Life tool for those that use bezier curves in Blender.

When you're creating new Bezier curves, are you fed up of seeing this?:

I know!   Annoying isn't it ?  (What's the point.. you end up deleting the points etc anyway.)

 Well, PenPal adds Pen Start to the "Add Object" menu. 
 It allows you to interactively just start adding and editing straight away, keeping things intuitive.  It sounds like a little thing, but it's just one of those "nice little things to have" if you find yourself working with Beziers. 

  Curve tools are becoming more and more important, especially with Geometry nodes becoming as amazing as they are.  

  Not only that, but PenPal adds some interactive tools to aid with modelling:

 QOL Chamfer, Rounding, Filletting etc

 In the popout side panel we have an additional little toolbox. 

It provides easy and visible access to the common handle operations, but also adds bespoke interactive corner tools. 
This means Chamfering, Filleting etc to help you with rounding of hard angles interactively by simply selecting the corners and middle mouse dragging.  It automatically takes care of the handle designations as well :)


Demo Video:


Note that this addon is also included for free as part of the discounted QOL Tools: Full Collection package!
(All addons are always added as free to this collection forever!)

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