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Materials Panel

The Materials Panel is an elegant complement to Blenders standard materials features, adding an overview of all available materials and a range of user-friendly utilities.  The QOL range of tools are designed to be intuitive and unobtrusive. To give you access to "every day useage" features in a minimal footprint. The Materials Panel is (to date) the largest of the QOL tools, with a comprehensive range of tools, but in an elegant fashion.

Version 1.1.7 now includes:
"Used in selection" indicator.  The "hand" button has a different appearance now, displayed as a hollow or filled circle. This shows an immediate indication of which materials the current object(s) are using!  While visually acting as a usage indicator, it still performs the same function of selecting all objects with the material.
Duplicate material.  CTRL-Clicking the shaderball of any material makes an instant duplicate for adding variations.
Filter.  Scenes populated by great numbers of materials no longer require looking for the material in question.


Flexibility:   The Panel can either be displayed as an NPanel, or properties panel via the addon preferences.  Your choice!

Apply: one-click application of material to selections with the choice of whether to overwrite or preserve existing.

Grab: Directly select all objects in your scene using a material. If the selection contains multiuple materials it automatically sets the active slot of the object(s) to the appropriate material.

New Material: Generates a new material on the object, and also gives it an initial CSS3 compliant color. All Gamma and color correct. As a bonus it also names the new material appropriately (how useful is "material.037" ?)

Direct color editing: So much easier to coordinate and match colors on multiple materials when they're all directly present and editable.

Cleanup: Removes unused material slot data.  Does your object have 15 materials on it, but only actually using one or two ?  Cleanup! and the others are wiped off.

Purge unused:  Universally travels the scene and removes reduntant materials that are cluttering things. 

Protect/Fake user:  Directly see and edit the protected status of materials. Useful if, for example, you want to purge unused, but retain x.


Note that this addon is also available as part of the discounted QOL Tools: Full Collection package!

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