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Camera Bookmarks

You know how often, when you're setting up a great angle...  You find one, and then you just want to explore a few others? 

You know when you're frustrated by navigating in and out to look from far away, then close again, time and time again?

Don't you just wish sometimes you could just snapshot those angles and flip between them without needing to key and animate? 

Well yes, now you can.. and with ease! 

Flexibility:   The Panel can either be displayed as an NPanel, or Properties Panel via the addon preferences.  Your choice!

User friendly interfaceIncredibly cleanly designed for ease-of use:

Simple one-click solution for adding bookmarks.

It detects the 3D view and adds either a perspective bookmark or camera bookmark.  No need to think about it. It stores pretty much everything about the camera or view.
    Animations are completely unaffected, and the bookmarks are of course saved with your file.

Easy restore, regardless of camera or perspective type.

The simplicity of the interface belies the task. You need to do nothing more than click restore - it automatically switches camera types and restores all the settings from the bookmark.

Update Bookmarks on the fly

You have a new preferred angle for this bookmark ?  Simply press the up arrow to update it!

Effortless management

TYou can create as many bookmarks as you like, of any kind. Managing them is easy;  just name directly, update them or delete with ease.  

And... it gets even easier!

(A bonus little magic button)

Mini Button!  To avoid in-your-face screen clutter (hey we all know how annoying the NPanel can be!).  Camera bookmarks includes a special shortcut button that can be used even when the panel is closed. 

      Click to cycle through bookmarks

      Ctrl-Click to creat new Bookmark. 

      Easy !

Note!   Before buying:  There's actually a free camera bookmarks addon buit-in to Blender (I'm a dummy, how did I miss that!?).   It's slightly clunkier, it doesn't have the mini button for quick bookmarking without clutter, and it doesn't have the hotkey capacity, but it's free !     


Note that this addon is also available as part of the discounted QOL Tools: Full Collection package!

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Blender Version 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0
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