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Bridge Object

  Create bridge objects, even between non-connected objects.


Blender is brilliant!
Blender is also sometimes stupid.
    Blenders bridging facility is fantastic, but for some odd reason they only allow you to bridge between the faces of a single object.  Frustrating, to say the least.

QOL Bridge Object creates a new object between any selected faces or edges. On the same object, or on completely different objects !



   It uses exactly the same bridging engine as Blender's native bridge, so you have the same flexibility of divisions etc.

•  It allows you to generate a bridge between multiple separate objects.
•  It generates a free-standing new object.  (fast new geo!)

    While it generates a new object by default, there is also the "Weld Resulting" option after the operation (F9)   
    This forms a solid object, merging the vertices and removing the face intersections - this allows you to add subdivisions  etc: 


QOL Bridge Object is found on the (right mouse button) menu when you're in edit mode.   
Simple and integral !  :)


Note that this addon is also included for free as part of the discounted QOL Tools: Full Collection package! (All addons are always added as free to this collection forever!)

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Published 7 months ago
Blender Version 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0
License GPL
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