Puppetiere: The Blender 4.0+ Bone Plugin

by Tyler "exephyX" Sexton in Addons

Puppetiere: The Bone Plugin for Rigging and Animation in Blender 4.0


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Elevate your Blender projects with Puppetiere, the plugin that facilitates the way you work with rigging and animation. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Blender 4.0, Puppetiere offers a suite of powerful functionals that streamline your workflow, making the process of rigging and animation less of a hassle. From automatic bone organization to advanced filtering options, Puppetiere is your go-to solution for enhancing efficiency and creativity in your projects.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Bone Collections: Say goodbye to manual sorting! Puppetiere automatically organizes bones into collections based on conventional naming methods, providing a clear overview of your rig's structure.

  • Enhanced Bone Visibility: Easily view which bones belong to which collections, thanks to Puppetiere's intuitive interface, a feature not readily available in Blender.

  • Advanced Search Functionality: Quickly find the bones you need with Puppetiere's powerful search tool, allowing you to filter through your bone list effortlessly.

  • Marionette Pie Menu: Access common bone constraints, hassle-free bone operations, and more through a user-friendly pie menu, designed for quick and easy navigation. More features to come in the future, based on your feedback!

  • Innovative Tagging System: Further organize and filter your bones with customizable tags, enabling you to streamline your workflow like never before.

  • Easy Access from N-Panel and Pie Menu: All features are readily available in the n-panel and pie menu, ensuring they're always just a click away.

  • Lite Version Available: Experience the core benefits of Puppetiere with the Lite version, offering the bone list and search functionality for a small taste of the full plugin's power.

Whether you're a seasoned animator or just starting out, Puppetiere empowers you to focus more on creativity and less on pains that come with complex rigging and animation. Streamline your workflow, organization and efficiency, with Puppetiere.

Upgrade your Blender 4.0 experience with Puppetiere today.

If you'd like to request for any features and enough like-minded people ask for the same thing, then you may reach out to: exephyX@gmail.com


3/6/24- Fixed bug preventing registration.

3/5/24 - Swapped Armature and Selected Bone in Bone Information for conventional purposes. (Left to Right)

Strings, Update Hierarchy now also removes empties for bones and bone  names that no longer exist.

New function for edit pie: Full disconnect (disconnects selected bones and removes all parent child relations).

New function for edit pie: Moves selected bone heads to active bone head.

​Bug Fixes:

Root bone now properly scales to selected object, and is placed at the origin of the selected object.

Generate Collections now generates proper collection names.

Generate Collections now is more strict with bone assignment.

Generate Collections now allows for bones to be placed in multiple collections.

Parent offset now keeps the world offset.

3/3/24- Added property float value search functionality: Users can filter search results by property values ( e.g. =1, <= 0.5, !=0). The filter will return the bones that have property values that pass the logical filter. 

3/2/24- Added Bone Folders (Beta Feature): Users can create collections in the string n-panel. Strings are saved in the scene between sessions. Each string can be assigned its own hierarchies of bones, which users can easily select from the menu. Multiple armatures and their bones can be accessed at the same time through these means. Once users generate the bones of the scene, the bones in the String collection (empties) can be moved around to whichever groups users create. It is recommended to create the child collection folders through the n-panel operation, as it follows conventional naming that allows the Strings panel to function properly.

2/28/24- Added Marionette pie menu to Object Mode, Weight painting mode. Press V! The pie menu in Weight Painting mode is optional. In order to use it, you'll have to remove your V keymap (default is to toggle the paint mask and vertex paint mask, which the pie includes in its functionality.)

Streamlined the search feature; It is no longer required to press the refresh button, but the button exists for when it is needed.

Added functionality to generate target bones from deform bones in the Edit Armature Marionette pie menu. Specifically, if it detects labeled deform bones in your selection, you can choose to generate target bones from these deform bones with the constraints already set up for you.

Added functionality to Weight painting and Pose mode; Quickly can toggle between the two states if there is an armature and Mesh object selected.

Added functionality to the Object Mode Marionette pie menu to quickly add root bones. The bones can be generated based on the size of any active objects, so they remain proportional to them. These bones are added at the origin of the selected object, if any exists.

2/27/24 -

Puppetiere: Added bone lists to 'edit armature' mode and weight paint mode; Introduced toggles to Pose mode. Minor bug fixes.

Puppetiere-Lite: Introduced selection and deselection functionality to bone lists. Minor bug fixes.

2/27/24 -

Puppetiere: Added select functionality to weight paint mode.

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Blender Version 4.0
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