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Update v1.5:

  • Supports Blender 4.
  • Supprts PBR painting (metalness workflow).
  • Baking channel maps.
  • Solo button to view each channel alone without shading in 3D View.
  • Mix erase toggle brush.
  • Supports Image mapping (scale, rotate, locate).
  • Supports Masking.
  • Spreadsheet editing.
  • Save image button which pack and activate 'Fake user'.
  • Automated image colorspace depending on the channel.
  • New image button with default values for each channel.
  • Import images button.


  • Paint your textures in layers like photoshop , krita ... etc.
  • Have control over Blending modes , opacity , visibility and more.
  • PSD-Layers is light and fast since it only uses standard blender shader nodes.
  • No need to create and edit complicated shader nodes .. PSD-Layers creates them for you.
  • Each layer have Pack icon which turns into red color when the image needs to be saved ... save it with just clicking the same icon.
  • Palettes section has " Paste Values" icon .. which paste any hex colors palette from any website in any form " xaml , text , css ... etc " with just one click !
  • You can easily switch the shader between emissive and principled BSDF .. and choose whether to make it transparent or not with one click.
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Blender Version 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0
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