Property Builder

by JohnGDDR5 in Addons

Release v1.0.1 on 4/29/2020

What is Property Builder?

Designed to help riggers easily and efficiently create, update and transfer properties for controls in their rigs.

How can it improve my workflow?

Can automatically generate Left/Right properties, so you only need to edit 1 and an identical one named in the opposite direction will be generated. Adds functionality of Transferring (Copying) the Custom Properties of a location to other locations, giving you flexibility of where to place your Custom Properties.

Use Cases Examples:

  • When you have to make a ton of Custom Properties for controls in your rig
  • When you want to move all your made Custom Properties from the Object Data to the Object itself ( Rather than manually remaking them in the Object, just use the "Transfer Property" panel tools )


  • Registers Three Panels: Property Builder, Transfer Properties, and Options
  • Add "Property Names" for the names of the Properties
  • Add "Properties" for property options to add
  • Edit the active properties in "Active Property"
  • To Generating Properties, just select the "Custom Property Placement" for the location to generate properties to
  • Addon is non-intrusive, i.e. it does not unregister any default Blender Panels

NOTE: When using "Transfer Property" panel, any combination of selecting "Pose Bones" or "Armature Bones" for "From" or "To" will require you to be in Pose Mode to select an active Bone and selected Bones.


  • UI is designed for users in mind.
  • Toggle the Properties you want to generate for an Active Name
  • Options to Update Existing Properties
  • Options to Auto Generate Flipped Left/Right" properties
  • Useful Extra functionality in dropdown panels


  • Blender 2.80+


  • Just install from the .zip file, no need to unzip.

Update Info:

  • Fixed "Transfer Properties" operator bugs. Now also transfers individual property settings
Sales 30+
Published about 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.8, 2.81, 2.82
License GPL
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