Procedural Wire Mesh Type 8

by Andrea Ciani in Modifier Setups

Finally here the last type, the n. 8 of the series of wire netting products i made in Blender with Geometry nodes.

Very useful near hedges, gardens and trees. Permanent and solid alignment without overlapping even you increase the thickness of the wires!

Before creating this products i searched many types of wire netting on internet to be sure to cover almost all the types used in the standard industries.
If you are interested you can find the other types on my profile with also the BUNDLE VERSION!!!
Many other products will be uploaded for you!


You'll be able to manage these parameters in the Geometry nodes:

  • Width: the width of the grid
  • Height: the height of the grid
  • Length: the length of the holes on the horizontal axis
  • Size: the height of the holes on the vertical axis
  • Bevel resolution: the resolution of the corners of the wires, feel free to change it to get your pattern
  • Radius: the radius of beveled part on the corners. Increased value = smoothed pattern
  • Thickness: thickness of the single wire. Even if you change this value the wire netting will remain aligned on the vertical axis.
  • Offset: in some cases you would like to have a forced overlapping of the wires. This is perfect for this purpose


To use this node in your project you can just use the downloaded file as is or open your project, use the Append menù of Blender, selecting this file, then Object and then Wire netting.


If you want to deform this kind of object in your project not use the Shrinkwrap modifier but i suggest you to add a Lattice deform or Simple Deform modifiers after the Geometry Nodes modifier.


If you want to learn how i made it check the video below, have fun and if you like what i'm doing please subscribe on my YT channel checking the bell icon to be notified on the new posted videos! :-)
Warning: The file you download from Blender Market doesn't contain the animation of the video tutorial.


The Standard Royalty Free license grants you, the purchaser, the ability to make use of the purchased product for personal, educational, or commercial purposes as long as those purposes do not violate any of the following:

  • You may not resell, redistribute, or repackage the purchased product without explicit permission from the original author.
  • You may not use the purchased product in a logo, watermark, or trademark of any kind.
    • Exception: shader, material, and texture products are exempt from this rule. These products are much the same as colors, and as such are a secondary meaning and may be used as part of a logo, watermark, or trademark.
Published 11 months ago
Blender Version 3.3
License Royalty Free
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