Procedural Shader Bank ( Cycle & Eevee )

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Group nodes are an effective way to save time, that's why I designed this pack, it contains twenty-four procedural shaders that will allow you to quickly apply your textures without going through UV unfolding. You can add "texture images" in some cases to give your personal touch. These shaders have been designed for EEVEE.

Operating system: This product is developed only for Windows users.
Minimum Performance: I7 3Ghz/ 6GB/ GTX 1050 4GB/ Windows 10.
(No refunds will be given for users ignoring this warning, thank you for your understanding).

List of shaders:

Real Fluid: Can be used to simulate the animation of several types of fluid "ocean, lake, river etc... (EEVEE)

Real Concrete: Allows you to generate concrete textures for interior or exterior architectural projects (EEVEE/Cycle).

Simple Wood: Simple wood can be used in your architectural projects for carpentry, boards etc....(EEVEE/Cycle)

Glossy Wood: Is designed for use on furniture." Chair table, desk etc..." (EEVEE/Cycle).

Real Stone: For use on rock or ground type objects (EEVEE/Cycle).

Fluid NPR: Can be used for water animation, cartoon style (EEVEE).

Basic NPR: Can be used for characters, a cartoon style (EEVEE).

Gradient Basic/Location/Random: Adapted for the animation of particle systems or other(EEVEE/Cycle).

Metal: Perfect for objects with a stripped paint (EEVEE/Cycle).

Real Marble: Ideal for architectural projects (EEVEE/Cycle).

Alpha Node: Add and modify an alpha texture with a few clicks.

Watch the demonstration videos for more information on these shaders.

Alpha Node

Real Metal

Gradient (Basic/Location/Random) 

* This low poly scene is only included in the full pack.

Real Fluid

Real Concrete

Real Stone

Fluid/Basic NPR

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