Planet Earth Generator | Procedural Shader

by HuyKhoi2407 in Surfacing

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  • Tom Morris
    10 months ago

    I love this planet-making tool for Blender. It is extremely easy to use. The controls are right there when you load up the sample *.blend files.

    This is not an “Add-On.” So, there’s no installation steps. The tool basically is two *.blend files. One for EVEE. One for Cycles. Download those two files from your Blender Market transaction page, and that’s it. Open up the file of your choice. Save As… whatever, and go to town. Lots of features for you to tweak to make unique and beautiful planets.

    BTW, the planet you are working with is a true, spherical object.

    Two issues:
    1. The animation rotation for the planet goes in the opposite direction (compared to Earth). I asked the helpful developer about this, and they suggested an easy fix. Reverse the keyframe marker locations on the (dopesheet?) thingy.
    2. When rendering an animation of the planet, it has been remarkably slow. 27 seconds per frame. I get this result with both versions (EVEE and Cycles). I raised this issue with the developer. It has to do with high processing demand of the sophisticated shaders that make the planet look so good. I can live with it. Fine for static renders, but an inconvenience for animations.

    Given these problems, would I recommend it. Absolutely!

    If you like designing your own planets, this tool makes it extremely easy. Configuration options are numerous and easy to work with.

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