Procedural Generator Bundle

by Blender Easy in Modifier Setups

This powerful collection of tools is designed to help artists like you generate optimized geometry with ease. From ropes and chains to snow, fur, grounds, terrains, dust, leaves, and rocks - this bundle has it all.
Imagine the time you’ll save and the stunning visuals you’ll create. No more painstaking manual creation of complex geometries. With the Procedural Generator Bundle, you can focus on what you do best - creating breathtaking art.
Whether you’re working on a detailed close-up or a vast landscape, this bundle will empower you to bring your vision to life. Don’t just create art, redefine it with the Procedural Generator Bundle.
There are 20 products!

What's included;

Procedural Wood Buildings

With Procedural Wood Buildings you can create complex structures using simple geometric shapes like cubes, planes, and curves. All the elements you create are interconnected, forming a cohesive and realistic wooden construction.

Infinite Displacement

This tool allows you to create a box or a plane and apply a displacement map to it without using too much memory. It’s useful in situations where you need a high-resolution ground, block, or wall in your scene but don’t have enough memory for this.


AirDust is a unique tool that allows you to quickly generate aerial dust particles. It works well with Depth of Field, can be animated and adds extra realism to your shots.

Procedural Snow

This tool generates snow on the top of any surface in a very natural way. It comes with two shaders, one for the snow and another that simulates a frozen surface, which you can mix with any material.

Real Fur

This tool allows you to quickly generate real time fur by painting vertex weights. The values of the vertex weight controls both the mask for the fur area and it's length and by using the values, you can gradually increase the scale. It uses different cards and textures based on the fur length. There is 10 different fur sizes in the textures and cards and each size has at least 4 variations. All of this cards are automatically placed in an smooth transition, using the vertex weight values.

Procedural Torn

This tool made with Geometry Nodes allows you to quickly torn fabric. You can add thickness to the fabric, open holes using weight paint, control the length, radius, distortion, add fuzz and all the stuff you need to destroy a fabric.

Procedural Floor Bricks

This tool allows you to generate optimized procedural bricks that you can use in a wide variety of situations. It comes with 11 brick patterns and an easy-to-use brick shader that allows you to swap textures and create the kind of material that fits your scene.

Procedural Car Paint with Metal Flakes
This product was made to help you create believable car paintings with holographic 3D metal flakes below the surface. The metal flakes are scattered using Geometry nodes inside the surface and have all the controls that you need.

Easy Chain

This tool uses Geometry Nodes and curves to generate chains for the most common uses because it’s highly customizable and you can also use you own chain mesh. You can attach the curve to a surface to create a chain or a bracelet.

Rocky Ground

This tool allows you to quickly generate a 3D ground with realistic rocks, grass, and a river. This isn’t just a displaced surface, but an optimized procedurally generated ground with PBR materials.

Fur Scatter

This tool made with geometry nodes allows you to quickly scatter fur on the surface of a mesh. It allows you to control radius, length, add clumps, noise, resample the curve, and add variation to the radius and length. You can sculpt the scattered fur and add noise and clumps from duplicated hair lines after that. This is very useful for the new hair tools that allow you to groom and render very dense fur. You can also convert the curves and attach them to a Particle System and use the default hair tools that come with Blender.

Procedural Rope

This tool allows you to quickly create realistic ropes using curves. It can connect multiple curves making the process of drawing them a lot easier. It generates the curve tube, displaces it, adds a fuzz to it, and puts it on the surface of an object.

Procedural Terrain

This tool allows you to turn meshes into beautiful terrain with procedural textures, grass, and trees. It uses Geometry Nodes and is very simple to use. It adds a procedural material to the object, displaces it, adds a layer of grass on the top, and scatters some trees.

Leave Scatter

This tool made with Geometry Nodes allows you to scatter leaves on the surface of an object. It uses instances, so you can scatter an insane amount of geometry without using too much memory.

Dew Generator

This simple tool allows you to generate and shape dew drops on the surface of an object. It uses instances, so you can scatter a large amount of dew drops without reaching your memory limit.

Fuzz Scatter

Easy Eyelashes

This tool allows you to quickly generate hair for the eyelashes using curves. You just need a surface to generate the hairs from, and 4 curves.

Procedural Teeth

This tool made with Geometry Nodes allows you to quickly add teeth to any creature’s mouth. It’s highly customizable and speeds up a lot of the work of placing teeth manually.

Procedural Gas Bubbles

This tool made with Geometry Nodes allows you to quickly generate realistic animated bubbles inside a mesh and foam on the surface.

Curve to Stitch

This tool uses Geometry Nodes to transform a curve into a Stitch Line. It’s very simple to use; you just need to append the “stitch.blend” to your scene, select the “stitch” inside the “NodeTree” folder, add a Geometry Node to a curve, load the Stitch on the Geometry Node, select a surface, enter in edit mode with the curve selected, delete unwanted geometry, set the depth to “Surface” and start drawing.

Dust Generator

This is a procedural dust generator that allows you to scatter a layer of geometry dust on the surface of an object. It uses instances, enabling you to scatter millions of dust particles without using too much memory.

All of the generators are well crafted, highly customizable and use a minimum amount of memory.