Procedural Fx Bundle

by Blender Easy in Modifier Setups

In this bundle you will gonna find unique procedural generators to create several kind of effects in Blender.

This bundle is your one-stop solution for creating visually stunning and highly customizable effects in Blender. Let your creativity soar with these procedural generators.

Products included in this bundle;


This is your ultimate laser beam generator for Blender. Everything is done in a procedural and automated way. This tool allows you to emit an animated laser beam from anywhere in a space determined by you, with materials that perfectly imitate this type of effect.

Magic Trails

This tool allows you to generate trails on moving objects.
You can change the radius, randomize and animate the color, simulate particles, add texture to the trails and the particles, add gravity and noise physics and apply this effect to an entire collection.It can also turn the trails into particles based on the objects speed, allowing you to create even cooler effects.

Surface Trails

This unique tool can automatically generate trail lines based on the proximity of 2 objects. Its very simple to use and comes with 4 trail modes.

Easy Clouds

Introducing Easy Clouds, your go-to tool for creating stunning, volumetric clouds in Blender. This tool is designed to make the process of creating realistic clouds and fog as simple as possible, regardless of whether you’re working on a cinematic masterpiece, a 3D animation, or a single render image.

Pixel Hologram

This tool turns your meshes into a volumetric hologram made of floating RGB pixels. It supports textures mapped to your meshes UV and can be animated to achieve even cooler results. It's highly customizable! It has animated FX simulating glitch, waves, chromatic aberration and noise.


This tool can turn your meshes in to pixels and voxels.You can use that to quickly turn your 3D objects into fully pixelated artworks.
It's pixel perfect, highly customizable, easy to use and you can also instantiate your own geometry on the generated voxels to achieve interesting results.


This unique tool allows you to quickly generate aerial dust particles!

It works pretty well with Depth of Field and gives you that extra realism to your shots.

As you are emitting from a mesh, you doesn't even need to simulate, just create a box in the area want the dust particles, and you are ready to render.

Atmospheric FX

Tired of rendering your assets in empty backgrounds, or you don't know how to fill the surroundings of your amazing projects?

Want to easily generate atmospheric effects in your scenes?

This tool is perfect for you, because it let you to easily generate a box that can drastically change the lighting and the mood of your scene.

Even been highly customizable, this tool let you to create complex effects in a very intuitive manner.

You have full control over the texture, density, speed, turbulence, particle shape, color, quality...

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Blender Version 4.2, 4.1
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